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Warped Tour 2014

.              So, this week I went to Warped Tour, and it was a blast! It’s my third year attending Warped Tour, but my first representing Kim's ShoesShoes By Shea. I finally got to surprise Kimberly Marshall -fiancé of Tyler Smyth of Dangerkids- with her shoes, which are her early wedding present! Tyler and I carefully planned the secret kicks, making sure that they perfectly featured their cat, Jameson, and Kim’s favorite color, pink. I’m so happy with how the shoes came out and I’m even more happy that Kim loved the shoes so much!

photo 3

.                 I loved being able to hang out with all of my friends in Dangerkids, whom I’ve known for almost a year now. A while back I made Tyler, Andy, Katie and Jake all pairs of shoes, which you can see here. The whole band has climbed so much since I first met them last October and I am so thrilled for them and how far they have come! They were my very first famous clients, and I couldn’t have asked for any better. I am so glad that all of us have stayed such good friends with all of them. They are all very special and I hold them close to my heart.


photo 1 copy 3

.               I also loved seeing The Devil Wears Prada perform. As you may recall, I made all of the members shoes a few months back. Mike, Chris, Andy, Jeremy and Daniel’s shoes can all also be found here. They had amazing sets on both days and I hope that they are enjoying their shoes. I also got to see Bowling For Soup -FINALLY!- Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and The Story So Far. But what was really exciting was getting to see Linkin Park perform at Ventura’s show with special guests including the one and only, Jeremy McKinnon -whose shoes can be found featured with Dangerkids’ and TDWP’s.


.          I had so much fun meeting many new friends and the Pomona and Ventura dates, and hopefully I will be making shoes for some of you very soon!


Until next year, Warped Tour!!

XOXO Shea Nicole

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