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Take Action Tour and Shoes By Shea

So last night I attended the Take Action Tour with Dangerkids, I Killed The Prom photo 2Queen, The Ghost Inside and The Devil Wears Prada. I have remained friends with the members of Dangerkids since meeting them on their tour with We Came As Romans back in Fall of 2013. When I heard about the Take Action Tour, I knew that I wanted to make TDWP shoes. I texted Tyler, the clean vocalist of Dangerkids and he right away got me the shoe sizes for the band. I worked super hard and painted all five members their own custom painted shoes! I brought them to the show last night in Pomona and photo 1-1 after Dangerkids went on, Tyler and I met up with Daniel, the drummer of TDWP. He took us to TDWP tour bus and and I gave Chris, Mike, Andy, Jeremy and Daniel their shoes. Chris had -unbeknownst  to me- been following my Instagram for months and had seen the progression of their shoes, but he had no idea that they were all for the band! He said he felt so honored to have received the shoes that he had seen painted from start to finish. Each member of the band was overly generous, kind and thankful for me giving them the shoes and I felt so honored to be able to make them happy. I got hugs, and “wows” and even some “Why would you put yourself through that?!’s.” I hope that I can continue my friendship with The Devil Wears Prada and all of their members going into the future. Thank you to Tyler, and all of the members of Dangerkids as well as the guys from TDWP. Thank you especially to Chris to your unending generosity and kindness and thank you also to Jeremy for posting my shoes on his Twitter and Instagram!


XOXO Shea Nicole

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