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Street Team 182 April Giveaway

So for the month of April, Street Team 182 is doing another one of their amazing giveaways.This month, 1017333_721904627854998_1226767075_nStreet Team 182 is focusing on the artistic talents of Dayne Henry Jr., who has created posters for Blink-182 as well as The Pixies and Pearl Jam. This month’s contest will have one grand prize winner, but will also feature additional hand picked by the artist himself. The winner for April will take home two limited edition Dayne Henry Jr. poster bundles as well as a customized pair of shoes done by me! The winner will get to choose any design they want from Dayne’s Blink-182 posters. As most of you may know, I have previously made shoes for Mark Hoppus himself and I am very excited to work with Street Team 182!! Check out their Facebook post about the contest here, or @streetteam182 on Instagram and Twitter for information about the contest! Thank you everyone and good luck!

-XOXO Shea Nicole

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